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Personal Balance Sheet

Change the results by changing the rules

Recent surveys show the cost of recruitment and training to be 150% of an employee’s annual compensation. And when critical knowledge walks out the door, it takes precious time for the organization to recover and get back up to speed.

While every organization is unique, our Personal Balance Sheet Performance Program -- an enlightened, corporately-focussed work-life balance initiative -- is designed to flexibly integrate into your existing HR strategies and processes. Unlike other Work-Life Balance initiatives, ours is not a "feel-good" employee program: it drives the organizational goal of retention.

It does this by empowering employees to take control of how they use their time - on and off the job. It changes the paradigm from Work-Life Balance to Life Balance, then provides resources, guidance, and motivation. No longer is the employer to blame for lack of balance: balance becomes the personal responsibility of each and every employee.

Program Deliverables

The Personal Balance Sheet Performance Program typically contains the following elements:

Framework: Without a common language, it is difficult to achieve common goals.  The Personal Balance Sheet provides the terminology that can help managers and their staff discuss Work-Life Balance issues productively.  The Personal Balance Sheet is expressly designed to complement existing employee evaluation and objective-setting processes.

Resource Book: An HR-friendly resource book that contains the Personal Balance Sheet Framework, supportive background material, and practical, positive ideas that can help employees more successfully achieve balance.  The resource book also includes all interactive exercises and participant notes from the workshop.

Action Planner: After each employee defines their Personal Balance Sheet goals, the next step is translating the goals into an action plan.  The Personal Balance Sheet Action Planner is a proven tool that helps make this happen.

Personal Balance Sheet Integration Workshop: This half-day workshop is designed to empower HR professionals and select senior managers to deliver the employee workshop (train-the-trainer model), and how to most effectively integrate the program to existing HR processes and programs.

Employee Workshop: This two-hour workshop is most effectively delivered to a group of between 8 and 30 participants. Each participant receives a copy of the Personal Balance Sheet Performance Toolkit (Framework, Resource book, Action planner). The workshop is highly interactive: by the end of the session, all participants:

  • will have a clear understanding of the Personal Balance Sheet and how it can be used;
  • will understand their personal responsibility in achieving balance - and how their employer can help;
  • will have defined their own desired balance, using the Personal Balance Sheet framework;
  • will leave with a detailed, specific action plan.


Pricing is determined by how many employees receive the resources and training, along with the number of workshops that are required. Please call us for a detailed quotation.




1) Complete the Work-Life Balance Readiness Assessment. (request form is on the home page)

2) Contact us either for an exploratory meeting or a two hour workshop on retention strategies.


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