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The Personal Balance Sheet:
Change the results by changing the rules

With the increased pressure on employees to perform, the impact of Work-Life Balance programs are more important than ever. Unfortunately, most programs are designed from the perspective of the employee: how to get more "life" and less "work".

Our program is different: it integrates with your existing HR strategies and programs with three key goals: Increase Employee Retention, Improve Productivity, and Boost Motivation.

The Personal Balance Sheet empowers employees to take control of how they use their time - on and off the job. It changes the paradigm from Work-Life Balance to Life Balance, then provides tools, guidance, and motivation. No longer is the employer to blame for lack of balance: balance becomes the personal responsibility of each and every employee. To find out more:

1) Take the no-cost Work-Life Balance Readiness Assessment
2) Contact us to book an exploratory meeting or a retention workshop
3) Explore our specific programs and deliverables:

HR Leaders and Senior Executives
- Corporate Work-Life Balance Readiness Assessment (no cost)
- Executive coaching
- Personal Balance Sheet Performance Program
- Other Workshops
- Resources and White Papers

Department heads
- Executive coaching
- Personal Balance Sheet Performance Program
- Other Workshops

- Executive coaching
- Other Workshops
- Resources and White Papers
- Call us for individual-focused offerings

The Personal Balance Sheet process fits within existing corporate HR strategies, and provides employee tools and management guidance on motivation and retention.


Interested in the concept? Questions? Looking for a way to embed effective Balance training in your event or corporate training programs? Call Randall Craig directly at 416-256-7773, or send an email to request (at) PersonalBalanceSheet (dot) com.

Free Work-Life Balance Readiness Assessment for Corporations

Identifying key underlying issues is the first step in establishing a work-life balance program that drives organizational goals, not just personal ones.

Retention, motivation, and productivity are tightly linked together. How important are these issues in your organization? How might a corporately-focussed Work-Life Balance Program address them? This free Readiness Assessment is designed to start the process for you. Fill in this request form and we will send you the four page Assessment in PDF format.

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What's New:

Personal Balance Sheet - A Practical Career Planning GuidePersonal Balance Sheet - A Practical Career Planning Guide has won the 2008 Indie Book Awards Gold Medal as best Career Book, the 2008 Finalist in the National Best Book Awards "Business-General" category and the 2008 Finalist in the Foreword Magazine Book of the Year contest, in three categories: Business & Economics, Career books, and Self-help!

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